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Mr. Reese Cox

Reese Cox grew up in Wilbur, WA & Superior, MT. He began teaching at Charlo in 2017. Mr. Cox teaches Jr. High & High School Science. He is the Head Boy's Basketball Coach, Head Football Coach, and Assistant High School Track Coach. In his free time he likes to golf, wild-land fire fighting, coaching, competing in any and all sports, and any outdoor activities. His ideal student walks through the door with a desire to work and learn something new everyday. Has a good attitude and never complains. Shows pride in their work, school, activities, and community. Is polite and well mannered, cleans up after themselves and even others if need be. Willing to jump right in whether it is school or just helping someone out with anything. A TEAM FIRST ME SECOND attitude towards group work and athletics. Coachable, Competitive, and a NEVER QUIT mindset.
Reese Cox
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