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Go Vikings!

Mr. Davis was the founding father of all school reunions, which started in 1973 and ran til 2013. Thank you for taking a job in the late 50’s and becoming a coach, principal and superintendent at CHS. You made a difference in our lives.

Class Reunions

Class of 1946
Class of 1960
Class of 1961
Class of 1962
Class of 1965
Class of 1973
Class of 1973 Reunion
Class of 1973 Reunion
Class of 1973 Reunion
Class of 1973 Reunion
Class of 1986
Class of 2002

Family Reunions

Ella Evans Family Reunion (2009)
Lila Evans Family Reunion (2009)
Eva Evans Family Reunion (2009)
Jesse Evans Family Reunion (2009)
Bill Evans Family Reunion (2009)
Charles Bick Family
Chris Kraft Family
Dirk Reich Family
Everitt Foust Family
Delores Rogers' Kids