Viking View

The regular monthly school board meeting for July has been moved up to July 15 at 8 PM.

Math Teachers Needed: We have two openings for math teachers. There is a nationwide teacher shortage and finding teachers is very challenging. With only about 90 days until school starts finding teachers is very difficult let alone finding certified math teachers. The State of Montana allows for provisional teaching licenses. If you know of a math teacher or know somebody that excels in mathematics who might be interested in teaching please have them contact the school. If you think you could help teach math and are interested please contact the school. I would enjoy discussing options with anyone interested in helping our students. The office number is (406) 644-2206 and my extension is 230.

Substitutes Needed: As the first day approaches it is time to recruit substitutes in all areas of the school. We were able to keep going last year because of the tremendous substitutes we had on call. If you are interested in subbing in the classroom, as a bus driver, as a custodian, or as a kitchen server please contact the office for more information. In most cases, all that is needed is that the person pass a fingerprint background check.

School Starts Aug. 23: It’s not too early to think about next year. Charlo will be on a 4 day school week schedule Mondays – Thursdays except for the weeks of Sep. 6 and Sep. 13. A mandatory meeting for ALL athletes 6-12 and their parent/guardians will be held on Aug. 12 at 8 PM. The first day for high school sports practices will be Aug. 13 so please make sure to get sports physicals scheduled. The first day of class for students will be Aug. 23. We will not be offering “off-site” instruction next year. In the event of an outbreak, quarantines, or state mandated closing we will adjust instruction accordingly. Face coverings will be optional not required. Full attendance at activities will be allowed.

Vaccines: Students attending school must meet all state requirements for vaccinations. There is no such requirement for COVID 19. COVID 19 vaccinations are NOT required to attend school, however, quarantines could still happen if there is exposure to the virus. Any decisions to get vaccinated is an individual choice and not required although being fully vaccinated does ensure a person can avoid a quarantine order by health officials.

ESSER Money for COVID Relief: ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) funding from the federal government has been a topic of discussion at multiple school board meetings in this past Spring. On June 1 a special meeting held by trustees which narrowed down areas of priorities: the top 3 were: maintaining staffing, improving or replacing HVAC, and getting additional counseling help for students. The trustees have supported the use of funds to balance the budget to maintain staff rather than exploring any staff cuts. They also authorized advertising for an additional mental health counselor. This past week they held a special meeting on June 21 to once again discuss the use of ESSER funding. This meeting was designated toward updating or replacing the current HVAC system. The main boiler system is estimated to be over 60 years old. More meetings will be held to further discuss spending ESSER funds and all meetings are posted, public meetings. If you or any community members you know have any input please join us!