Viking View

COVID 19: We have already seen quarantines due to COVID 19 this week at school. We are working with the health department on quarantines and close contact tracing. The rules of quarantining are changing every day. At this time anyone who has been fully vaccinated will not be quarantined by County Health. Anyone who has been positive for COVID 19 in the past 3 months will not be quarantined by County Health. We have also been told if both persons have face coverings those individuals will be have to quarantine but we have not seen that in writing. If you have concerns or questions you can call Nurse Marie at 644-2206 ext 200, Mr. Bartschi ext 301, or Mr. Love 230.

First Week Finale: Change is always challenging. Switching to a 4 day week was supported by a majority of parents and staff last Spring. There are trade-offs when there is no school on Fridays. The days have to be longer to meet state requirements. With longer days there are new start times. There are new release times. There are new bus routes. There are longer class periods. Please call the office with any questions or concerns at 644-2206. We are doing our best making adjustments and trying to find a routine. It will take a few weeks. Thank you for the patience and flexibility.

Reminders: 1) Be sure to travel North to South when dropping off students at school in the morning. The first bell rings at 7:45 AM and class begins at 7:50 AM. 2) Bus route pick up times should be getting more consistent each day. Please remember that there is a schedule to keep so the next stop can also be on time. 3) During drop offs at the end of the day, drivers will not leave students at a bus stop alone. If their ride is not there to pick them up students will be brought back to the school after the route and parents will be called to come get them at school. Do your very best to help stay on schedule for the sake of all parents. 4) There is no after school program. Please make sure your students go home after school rather than hanging around practices in the gym. We do not want somebody to get hurt or something to get broken.

NFHS: The cameras for sporting events are up and running. You can subscribe with NFHS network to watch games.

Bus Driver Position Opening: Charlo Schools has a full time bus driver position available. Required Qualifications: HS Diploma, Knowledge of Cleaning Techniques, Pass a Physical, Pass a Background Check, Flexible Personality, and a CDL with proper endorsements. Salary and Benefits: $18/hr. Vacation and Sick Leave is earned accordingly. Work schedule is set according to the District’s needs but normally 4 days per week for routes, activity trips also available. Closing Date: Until Filled. Contact Steve Love, Superintendent at 644-2206 ex 230 with questions or to get a District Application. The District Application is also available at

Substitutes Needed: As the first day approaches it is time to recruit substitutes in all areas of the school. We were able to keep going last year because of the tremendous substitutes we had on call. If you are interested in subbing in the classroom, as a bus driver, as a custodian, or as a kitchen server please contact the office for more information. In most cases, all that is needed is that the person pass a fingerprint background check. Substitute teachers are paid $100/day.

Fees: Participation fees for athletics are $40 for HS students and $30 for JH students. Fees must be paid by the second contest in order to play. Annual passes for admission are $35 for students; $50 for an adult; $145 for a family of 5. Student athletes must pay the participation fee and the admission fee no later than the second contest of the season.