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NEVER FORGET: 20 years ago tomorrow I was completing my 3rd week teaching in my first year at Charlo. The towers were on fire in NYC and we watched CNN in the old gym coach’s office as it unfolded. It is hard to believe that students in school today were not even born yet. I hope that none of us ever forget that tragic day. I also hope we always keep our soldiers, law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders in our thoughts no matter the circumstance. We are blessed with some of the best in our own community. A heartfelt appreciation goes to all that serve or have served as well as those who volunteer as firemen, emt’s, or work as deputies and troopers.

School Calendar: There is No School on Monday Sep. 13. School will be held on Friday Sep. 17 as scheduled for Homecoming. Students will be dismissed after the parade that day as in the past. The parade is held at 1 PM that day.

COVID 19, Illness, and Lice: We have experienced a bit of everything since school has started. Please keep students home when they are feeling sick. We are doing are best to keep COVID 19 and other bugs at bay. When we are informed of a positive case we are cooperating with Lake County Health to provide close contacts. Quarantining requirements are different than last school year so there are changes to who and how long quarantines last. Please reinforce handwashing, covering mouths, and distancing when possible. Not every illness is COVID 19. There are still the usual viruses traveling through the school. Push fluids. Get plenty of rest. Eat a healthy diet. There has also been lice in the elementary. Please reinforce for kids to keep their hats, combs, etc to themselves. Sharing items is a quick way to spread any of the bugs we are battling at school. Students who have lice will be sent home as will students testing positive for COVID 19. Thank you to all that have been reporting information to school officials as we try our very best to keep everyone safe and keep school open.

September School Board Meetings: The regular monthly school board meeting will be held on Sep. 21 at 7 PM in the library. There will be a special school board meeting held on Sep. 28 at 7 PM to certify the election and for school board reorganization. Agendas will be posted as usual. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

NFHS: The cameras for sporting events are up and running. You can subscribe with NFHS network to watch games.


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