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Update to COVID 19 Safe Return Plan: We really appreciate parents, students, and staff staying at home when feeling sick. It is the best line of defense to reduce transmission of any illness. We want to keep our doors open and make sure kids do not have to return to remote instruction. The best way to accomplish that goal is to stay healthy. The school board has made an additional attempt to mitigate transmission of COVID19 with an update to the Safe Return Plan. Beginning today students or staff who are possible exposures of a positive case of COVID 19 will be asked to wear a face covering while indoors on school campus for 14 consecutive days OR to stay home and off campus for 14 consecutive days.

We are hopeful that if everyone cooperates by staying home when sick, staying home when being exposed to COVID19 OR wearing a face covering when it’s requested; no further action will be necessary. The trustees will review the Safe Return Plan again Oct. 19 after this 3 week trial period to consider whether more restrictive measures should be taken. Thank you for your cooperation and flexibility in this matter as we all work together to keep our school meeting face to face for instruction. Please call the office if you have any questions.

Dixon Trustee Needed: Charlo Schools 7J is seeking interest from a resident of the Dixon School District to become a Trustee for the Charlo High School District. Interested parties must be a resident of the Dixon School District. A letter of interest must be submitted to the Charlo School Board by Noon on Oct. 15. The letter can be sent to:

Sara Vaughan, Charlo District Clerk
PO Box 10
Charlo, MT 59824

Interested parties can also drop off their letter at the District Office. If you have questions please call Sara Vaughan at 644-2206 ext 303.

Mid-Terms: Your student should have brought home a mid-term progress report this week. Call the office or contact your student’s teacher if you have questions.

Cross Country Meet Oct. 5: Charlo is excited to host its first cross country meet on October 5. Coach Zempel and the runners have put in lots of work this season so get out and support our runners.

Weekly Schedules: Due to COVID 19 there have been other schools who have had to cancel and reschedule with sports this week. It is changing by the minute so please refer to the daily blurp, the school facebook, and school emails for the latest information. The season schedules that have been listed on the school website are probably not accurate.

Substitutes: I want to thank our subs who keep us going when staff have to be gone. We would not be able to keep the doors open without you! That being said we are still in desperate need of subs for teaching, custodial, kitchen, and bus driving. Subs are a significant piece to keeping the doors open. If you are interested in subbing please contact the school at 644-2206.


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