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Foggy and Dark: We experienced our first morning of the dreaded Mission Valley Fog this morning. The fog combined with darkness is really challenging when students are arriving at school, waiting for buses, and boarding buses. Some students are wearing reflective jackets or coats. Others have flashlights or some sort of headlight with colors such as red or green. It really helps our staff, bus drivers, and parents who are driving when kids have reflective gear or lights. Please consider sending your students with something which helps identify them in the dark and makes them easier to see!

Bus Riding Students: Due to illness and lack of sub drivers, parents who have bus riders should be checking their email and our school Facebook page for updated route information each morning. If we cancel a route or have to make changes we will do so by 6:45 AM. We are doing our best to keep routes running but it is getting more and more difficult with just a few people available to drive. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a sub driver, we will help with reimbursement of cost for DOT physicals. We will help folks train for CDL’s as well.

End of 1st Quarter: Nov. 4 is the end of the 1st quarter. If there are any questions about grades please contact your teacher. Report cards go out the following week.

Game Help: We are heading into the Winter Sports Season with basketball. If you have help with taking tickets, running a score clock, or keeping scorebooks please call the office. We could use some help.

Morning Drop Offs: Please travel North to South when dropping off students in the morning. This is the same direction that buses are traveling. This allows everyone to exit to the same side of the school. We still have folks traveling the opposite direction and then students have to cross the street against traffic. It is dark in the morning. It is busy in the morning. Please help us keep everyone safe.

Pay attention to signs: Please DO NOT PARK in the student unloading areas before school or after school.

Proper Clothing at School: It is much colder these days, especially in the morning. Please send kids to school with proper warm clothing. It is that time of year to be prepared for any type of weather!

Sickness at School: We are still seeing plenty of sickness at school. We are very grateful to everyone cooperating with our requests to mask up or stay home when having symptoms. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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