Nurse Marie's Statement on the Current Increase of Illness at the School

Charlo Community,

We are experiencing a significant increase of illnesses at school. This is a combination of colds, influenza and COVID related illness. If your child is sick PLEASE do not send them to school. If there is a positive COVID case in your home, the best policy is to quarantine the family at home. Should you choose not to do that, then we are requesting that your student wear a mask at school for 10 consecutive days. If you or a family member has a positive COVID test, that is helpful information so we can be proactive and also allows us to make sure that students are not penalized for missing too many days. Lake County does not contact us about adults, we only get information if they are a student.

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Update on Charlo Track Project

Hello Viking Nation:

I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone an update on the status of the Charlo Track Project. It is appropriate from my perspective as we deal with the track project to think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint! It could also be considered the high hurdles or an obstacle course for that matter. Projects like these face many challenges and it almost always takes much longer than anticipated to accomplish. The Charlo Community Outdoor Complex (CCOC), volunteers, donors, the school board, and administration are still working to see the project come to fruition.

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