Viking View

Thankful for Charlo and Public Education: In the recent months there have been lots of controversy among public schools across the nation as politics have infiltrated education. It has been plain ugly at times with politicians using the pandemic to stir up the rhetoric rather than to focus on kids. I am very thankful to work with tremendous public educators and especially thankful to work with them in Charlo School District 7J. Our community, school board, and employees have kept the best interest of the students in mind during the pandemic from my perspective. We have had thoughtful conversations concerning face coverings and vaccinations but no riots, no threats, no recalls, no canceled board meetings. The school district has kept education as its main priority.

Parents, students, and staff have been cooperative with requests for quarantines and requests to wear face coverings. Folks have been able to have different viewpoints on COVID19 issues without impacting student instruction. In my opinion there has been respect for everybody’s perspective. In a time when educators are literally walking off the job due to the political climate in their schools, Charlo has taken the high road. We have maintained a high expectation of the value of academics, social involvement, community service, and school pride. We have been able to have face to face instruction all year so far; for which we are very grateful. We know we have room for places to improve. We will continue to find ways to get better. Thanks to everyone for their support and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Vaccination Clinic: Tribal Health will be holding a COVID vaccination clinic at Charlo High School for all students from ages 5-17 years old for anyone who is interested. This includes tribal and non-tribal students. Parents and/or guardians must be present to sign consent forms. The clinic will be held on FRIDAY December 3rd with the booster clinic to be held FRIDAY January 14th. Both clinics will be from 10:00 AM-1:00 PM. If your student has already had one dose, please bring their immunization card with you. Feel free to call with any questions.

Participation Fees: Winter sports have started. Please pay your participation fees by the second weekend of competition. Junior High Boys Basketball has already begun. High School Basketball and Wrestling begin Nov. 18. Junior High Girls Basketball


November 24th

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