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Grades 3-5 Ski Trip: The ski trip for grades 3-5 is on Feb. 14. An information sheet from Lookout Pass did not include pricing. Mr. Bartschi is working to get pricing information out as soon as possible.

Plains JHGB Jamboree Canceled: Plains had to cancel this Saturday’s JHGB Jamboree due to staffing shortages. We are trying to arrange for other teams to come play our JH girls here instead. More to come as soon as we confirm something.

Speaking of Staffing Shortages: Somehow we have been able to continue with classes, sports, bus routes, and other activities despite staff shortages. Please thank a Charlo staff member or one of our subs for all of their work filling many positions. We have managed to keep classes rolling, bus routes moving, and activities playing because of current staff taking on multiple jobs. We have community members who have stepped up to help with all sorts of areas. We are operating on a thin line and only keep things going because of everyone’s efforts. A “Thank You” goes a long way, so if you are grateful that your student is meeting face to face for instruction, or has a bus driver, or gets to play sports, please let our staff and subs know they are appreciated.

Bus Routes: We have several drivers subbing on routes, please be patient with some inconsistency on pick up times and drop off times. We are doing our level best to keep the routes working. We are always looking for bus drivers. We have an opening for a full time bus driving position. If you are interested please give me a call at 644-2206 ext 230.

Weather Events: It’s time to make sure students have proper clothes and parents stay tuned to the radio, email, or school facebook page in the event that school is delayed or cancelled. We will do our best to make decisions the day before a cancellation. Sometimes the decision is made before bus routes leave which is 6:45 AM. 750 KERR radio will be notified and email will be sent out in the event of cancellations.


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