Viking View

Dear Parents and Community Members:

The last several weeks have been an incredible testament to our students. At both the District and Divisional Basketball Tournaments our athletes and band members were exemplary! I received so many compliments on our students about their toughness, politeness, ability, school spirit, and sportsmanship. All of you, as well as our teachers and coaches, deserve a huge pat on the back for helping to develop our kids into young adults with tremendous character.

Speaking of great kids: By now most of you have heard about the 6-12 ski trip on Feb. 28. Between being stuck in traffic for 3 hours, pouring rain on the ski hill, and mechanical issues with a bus and school van there was reason for students to complain. To their credit, I never heard one student make a fuss. They were cooperative. They were helpful. They were Vikings!

Assistant High School Track Coach: We have an opening for an Assistant Track Coach in the High School. If you are interested please call the office at (406) 644-2206 ext 230 to speak with Mr. Love. He can also be reached at [email protected].

Kindergarten Round-Up: We will be holding Kindergarten Round-Up on Apr. 1. Parents with school age students are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling 644-2206 Ext229.


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