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The June School Board Meeting has been moved to June 14 @ 8 PM.

Lost and Found: All of the lost and found items are washed and laid out on the table by the Home Ec room door. This will be out through Monday, May 23. Monday night or Tuesday morning everything that is left will go away.

Officials and Coaches: The shortage of officials and coaches is very real in Montana. Unfortunately society’s attitudes have run many of them out of our sports programs. For some reason we expect both to be perfect in an imperfect world. Nobody lines up to coach or officiate. Why would they? The pay stinks. The hours are long. Parents/fans can be brutal with negativity. If we do not start to cultivate coaches and officials, start to have patience allowing for growth, and show more support for both positions, it will be our student-athletes that suffer the most. Registration is now open for those who would like to become sports officials in Montana. You can contact the Montana Officials Association or the MHSA for more information. You can contact Joel Fuhrman at 406-531-1315 if you have questions about becoming an official. Please see the coaching advertisement below if that is something you are interested in help our students with next year.

Coaching Positions for 2022-2023: We have openings for a junior high boys basketball coach and a junior high girls basketball coach for next year. If you are interested please contact Steve Love, Superintendent, at [email protected] or call 644-2206 ext 230.

Down the Stretch They Come! It’s a busy time of year with final testing, concerts, field trips, track meets, and softball tournaments. Please finish strong and come to school. Attendance at school should be priority number one and has the most impact on a student’s grades. Students who check out early risk zeros on assignments and schoolwork for the days they are not in attendance.

Non-Resident Student Applications: If you are not a resident in the Charlo School District and plan on requesting enrollment next year the applications are available in the office. Students must complete an application each year and they are due by July 1, 2023. Please call the school if you have any questions.


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