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OPEN HOUSE for K-12 Meet and Greet: Aug. 22 at 3:30-4:30. Come meet with teachers, find your lockers, see your classrooms, get questions answered about bus routes, pay fees, and fill out paperwork.

School Calendar: You will find the 2022-2023 school calendar by clicking here. With a 4 day school week there are some challenges at times. Please note that students do have school on several Fridays at the beginning of the year: Aug. 26, Sep. 9, and Sep. 23.

School Day: Unless otherwise noted the school day starts at 7:50 AM and ends at 4:01 PM. Buses will arrive at school approximately at 7:40 AM. Buses will leave in the afternoon at approximately 4:07 PM.

Coaching Positions for 2022-2023: Charlo Schools 7J has an opening for 2 Junior High Boys Basketball Coaches for the 2022-2023 season. Junior High Boys Basketball begins around the middle of October and ends in early December. Charlo is a Class “C” school with 80 students in the High School and 250 students overall in K-12. It is located in the beautiful Mission Valley North of Missoula, MT. Salary is a stipend of approximately $2200 depending on years of experience. To apply 1) Send letter of Interest addressed to Steve Love, Superintendent PO Box 10 Charlo, MT 59824 along with 2) District Application available at 3) Copy of Transcripts 4) Copy of Teaching License 5) 3 Letters of Recommendation. Charlo Schools 7J does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, or marital status. If you have questions please call (406) 644-2206 ext 230.

Special School Board Meeting Aug. 31 @ 8 PM: Trustees will hire Lorri O’Neill, mother in law of Trustee Daniel Cahoon, as K-12 PE and the Athletic Director. Trustees will hire Jessa Smith, niece of Trustee Steph Smith as a K-12 Paraprofessional.

Home Ec: We are starting a Home Ec program this year so if anyone has extra berries, garden produce, or fruit please call Susan Petersen 868-2565 and Susan will come and pick it for you. She will also pick and split with you if you are just tired of picking!

Meal Price Increase: For the past two years all students have received free meals at school through the USDA. That particular USDA program was in response to COVID 19 but will not be continued this school year. Due to rising food costs as well as federal reimbursement requirements, the school board approved increases in meal prices for breakfast and lunches for the 2022-2023 school year. Breakfast for adults is now $4, for Secondary students $3.75, and for Elementary students $3.50. Lunch for adults is $5, for Secondary students $4, and for elementary students $3.75. To put it in perspective: a McDonalds Chicken McNugget meal costs $7.75. If you go to the grocery store and buy a package of 2 Hot Pockets with a Gatorade you will need $6.39. A 16 oz Lotus energy drink costs $5 and a 16 oz Latte costs $4.25. If you think about the meal prices in those terms the school is providing a heckuva deal with a tremendous bang for your buck. Also, please remember that the school provides a salad bar which gives students some great choices on nutritious food. There is still an option to apply for free/reduced meal prices and we encourage all families to fill out an application.

Free/Reduced Meals: The USDA still has a program for qualifying families for free and reduced meals. As is in the past, families need to be approved for free meals or reduced priced meals by applying. We encourage all families regardless of their financial situation to apply. Your family may qualify for a free meal or a reduced priced meal and not even know it. Requirements eligibility rules are fluid at times like these due to COVID 19. Applications will be available in the office beginning Aug. 8. Families must apply each year whether or not they have qualified in the past or not. Please call 644-2206 if you have questions.

Bus Routes: We cannot list every bus stop pick up time but here are some estimates of major pick up points on morning routes to help with estimating your student’s pick up time. Moiese and Dixon are combined in the mornings this year. Leon Hall has nearly the same times. Rocky Butte/Johnson Rd travels a little different loop this year. Copies of the routes are available at the school. You can call the office 644-2206 if you have any questions.


There are other stops along the way; this will hopefully give you an estimate of morning pick up.


There are other stops along the way; this will hopefully give you an estimate of morning pick up.

Rocky Butte/Johnson Rd – This route will be travelling a different direction this year. First pick up is at around 7:15 AM. Please call with questions on times.

Substitutes: We will be looking for substitute teachers, custodians, kitchen help, and bus drivers at the school. If that is something you are interested in please contact the school. Substitutes are vital to keeping the doors open. Call 644-2206 for more information.