Viking View

Breakfast and Lunch: Please pay your lunch/breakfast bills. Unfortunately, we have many accounts that are behind. We understand times are difficult for some and we are doing our best to work with families. Paying ahead on the account is a best practice. Paying something on the account each week is great to keep the account active. The school district has obligations to the lunch program that we must follow. We are working on making debit card payments available too. We are not sure when that will become active. If you have questions please call 644-2206 if you have questions.

Contact Information: Please notify the school if your phone number changes! Please set up voicemail on your phone! We have too many parents/guardians that we cannot communicate with via phone. Call 644-2206 if you have changes or questions.

Art: Mrs. Detert is looking for boxes for an art project. Any box used for cereal, brownies, pancake mix, etc will work as long as they are made of cardboard. If you have questions please email [email protected].

Winter Weather: Temperatures are dropping so please make sure to send warm clothes to school with your kids. Boots, hats, gloves, mittens, and scarves are great items to keep warm.