Viking View

Philipsburg Basketball Game: We talked to Phillipsburg about 10 minutes ago and we are heading out to play as scheduled. 3:30 JVB, VG, VB.

Weather Impact: At this time we still plan to have school and compete in our scheduled games this week. If there are any changes, delays, or cancellations we will post those announcements on facebook, notify 750 KERR Radio, and email information as well.

Athletic Schedules: The best way to keep up with changing athletic schedules is to check Go to the top of the page and click on calendar. From there you should see the school calendar. You can then click on an event to see times. There are always schedule changes due to weather, official shortages, and team issues with number of athletes. The calendar is the best way other than calling the office to check on times. The beginning time of the first game is concrete then game times after that are approximate as we cannot be sure how long a game will take to complete.

Regular Monthly School Board Meeting has been moved: December’s monthly school board meeting will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 21 at 7 PM rather than Dec. 20.