Viking View

Congratulations Nate Alder! Nate won the Lake County Spelling Bee last Friday. Kylie Cox placed 2nd! Great job to both students.

District BB: The District Basketball Tournament starts Feb. 16 in Polson at the Linderman gym. Daily tickets are $10 Adults and $7 for students and seniors. Tournament Pass is $25 for Adults/seniors and students are $20. The girls play at 2 PM Thursday against Alberton. The boys play at 1:30 PM Friday against the winner of Superior/Noxon. Tournament Brackets are posted to the school facebook page.

Pep Bus: We will be offering a pep bus to the girls game on Thursday of the District Tournament for grades 6-12. Permission slips are available in the office. Students are responsible for the price of admission which is $7. The bus will leave after students eat lunch and arrive back to the school around 4:30 PM that day. If you have questions please call 644-2206.

Question of the Week: In an effort to improve communication we will start having a “Question of the Week”. If you have a question please email it to [email protected]. Then one of the questions submitted will be drawn to be addressed in the following week’s Viking View. Questions cannot involve personal situations among students, staff, or parents. They should be general in nature and related to public information.

This week’s question: Why isn’t the county more responsible for cross-cutting services all schools need like transportation?

The founders of education in Montana focused on local control by each school district. Being that local control is a basic tenant of education in Montana it is up to each school district within each county to be responsible for such things as transportation. There would need to be changes made at the State Level before the county would become responsible for services with schools.

February School Board Meeting Change: The regular monthly school board meeting for February will be held on Feb. 15 at 7 PM instead of Feb. 21.

Little Dribblers: A flyer went home to K-5 students with details on Little Dribblers this past week. If you did not get one but want more information please call the office 644-2206.