Viking View

Trustee Elections: There are 3 openings on the school board this Spring. If you are interested in running you must live in Charlo School District 7J. You must be a registered voter in Charlo School District 7J. You must turn in a Declaration of Intent and Oath of Candidacy by 4 PM on Mar. 23. Forms are available in the District Office. If you have questions you can call Sara Vaughan, our District Clerk, at 406-644-2206 ext 303.

High School Track/Softball: High School (grades 9-12) begins practice for Track/Softball on Mar. 13. Grades 6-8 will begin junior high track practice on Mar. 20. Athletes who have not participated in other sports this year must have a physical in order to start practice.

Kindergarten Round Up: Charlo will be holding screenings for Kindergarten age students on Mar. 24. This helps the school plan for how many Kindergarten students might be attending in the Fall and it help parents to make decisions about enrolling their child. If you have questions please call 644-2206 for more information.

Question of the Week: In an effort to improve communication we will start having a “Question of the Week”. If you have a question please email it to [email protected]. Then one of the questions submitted will be drawn to be addressed in the following week’s Viking View. Questions cannot involve personal situations among students, staff, or parents. They should be general in nature and related to public information.

This week’s question: Will 8th graders get to participate in high school softball and high school track?

There will be a special board meeting on Mar. 7 at 7:30 PM to decide on 8th grade participation.