Viking View

Second Semester: We are two weeks into the second semester already. Mid-terms are on Feb. 22. One thing all us can work on is planning ahead so please stay in touch with your student’s progress in the classroom. Given our student information system, email, and a simple phone call; it’s easier than ever to keep up with how your student is doing in the classroom. Don’t wait until mid-terms or the last week of the quarter to check on grades. If you have questions about monitoring student progress please contact the office at 644-2206.

Attendance: Showing up is the number one reason for success in the classroom, on the team, or at your job. Conversely, poor attendance is the greatest challenge to accomplishing goals and being successful in academics, athletics, and at your place of work. Please stress the importance of good attendance. Stress the importance of being on time to class. They are important characteristics that can make or break achievement in all facets of life!

Weather Changes: With the change predicted in weather please stay tuned to 750 KERR Radio or follow our school facebook page for the latest updates on possible school delays and/or closures. We try to make decisions by 6:45 AM when there is unfriendly weather or bad road conditions. You can also join our email list by contacting the office 644-2206.

Basketball Court Dedication: The dedication to Coach Thompson on the basketball court has been moved to Friday, Feb. 9 vs Hot Springs.

Survey: We are still trying to collect information through our Comprehensive Needs Assessment. If you have completed the survey we really appreciate it. If not, please take a few minutes to give us your opinion. This survey will give administration and trustees information on how the community feels about the school so they can address areas of weakness and continue to maintain areas of strength. You can access the survey on our website Please complete the survey online or call the office at 644-2206 to have one mailed to you. If you have issues completing the survey contact Mario Villalobos at 644-2206 ext 275 or email him [email protected].

Substitutes: We are so grateful for those on our substitute list but that list is a pretty short one. If you have any interest in helping us out, we are always looking for substitute teachers, bus drivers, custodians, and cooks to help fill in when regular employees have to be gone. If you would like to be on our substitute list please contact the office for more information at 644-2206. We could really use the help.

Breakfast/Lunch Bill: Please make sure you student’s meals are paid up in a timely fashion. The best practice is to pay ahead. If you have any questions please contact the office.

Question of the Week: If you have a question of the week please email it to [email protected].