Shane Bartschi

Picture of Shane Bartschi

K-12 Principal

(406) 644-2206 x301

Steve Love

Picture of Steve Love


(406) 644-2206 x230


Yolanda Bodie

Picture of Yolanda Bodie

Speech-Language Pathologist

(406) 644-2206 x217

Jeff Buck

Picture of Jeff Buck

5th Grade

(406) 644-2206 x206

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Mindy Cox

Picture of Mindy Cox

3rd Grade

(406) 644-2206 x213

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Amy Delaney

Picture of Amy Delaney

1st Grade

(406) 644-2206 x202

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Danielle Frisk

Picture of Danielle Frisk

Title I

(406) 644-2206 x204

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Wendy Hall

Picture of Wendy Hall

4th Grade

(406) 644-2206 x209

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Shianne Harris

Picture of Shianne Harris


(406) 644-2206 x201

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Linda Ingraham

Picture of Linda Ingraham


Keenan Palmer

Picture of Keenan Palmer


Amy Tanner

Picture unavaible

2nd Grade

(406) 644-2206 x203

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Hayley Voegele

Picture of Hayley Voegele

K-5 Special Education

(406) 644-2206 x205


Stan Atchley

Picture of Stan Atchley

MS/HS Shop

(406) 644-2206 x239

Reese Cox

Picture of Reese Cox

MS/HS Science

(406) 644-2206 x232

Cody Cross

Picture unavaible


(406) 644-2206 x233

Kim Detert

Picture of Kim Detert


(406) 644-2206 x244

Alan Harriman

Picture of Alan Harriman

English, Drama

(406) 644-2206 x236

Natalie Hawk

Picture of Natalie Hawk

6-12 Special Education

(406) 644-2206 x222

Mike Krahn

Picture of Mike Krahn

Computers, Business

(406) 644-2206 x234

Miranda Long

Picture of Miranda Long

6th Grade

(406) 644-2206 x245

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Christina Madden

Picture of Christina Madden


(406) 644-2206 x211

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Lorri O'Neill

Picture of Lorri O'Neill

Athletic Director, Physical Education

(406) 644-2206 x237

Susan Petersen

Picture of Susan Petersen

Librarian, MS/HS Math

(406) 644-2206 x223

Jim Petersen

Picture of Jim Petersen

MS/HS History

(406) 644-2206 x235

Eli Redeker

Picture of Eli Redeker

MS/HS English

(406) 644-2206 x247

Kasey Savage

Picture of Kasey Savage

MS/HS Math

(406) 644-2206 x238

Michelle Sharbono

Picture of Michelle Sharbono


Jessa Smith

Picture of Jessa Smith


Support Staff

Joe Broom

Picture of Joe Broom

Head of Maintenance and Transportation

(406) 644-2206 x219

Michele Conard

Picture of Michele Conard


Lori Elverud

Picture of Lori Elverud

Head Chef

(406) 644-2206 x218

Marie Evans

Picture of Marie Evans


(406) 644-2206 x200

Pete Kuntz

Picture of Pete Kuntz


Janet Kuntz

Picture of Janet Kuntz


Marie Michels

Picture of Marie Michels

School Counselor

Levi Richards

Picture of Levi Richards


Kay Rollins

Picture of Kay Rollins


Sara Vaughan

Picture of Sara Vaughan

District Clerk

(406) 644-2206 x303

Mario Villalobos

Picture of Mario Villalobos

IT Director

(406) 644-2206 x275

Ginger Zempel

Picture of Ginger Zempel


(406) 644-2206 x229