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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! On behalf of everyone at Charlo School District 7J, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for all of your support of the school system, staff, and students.

Thankful for Charlo Volunteer Firemen and MHP: We had an accident in Moiese on the bus route when another driver pulled out in front of our school bus. It caused a collision but thankfully, nobody was injured. Thanks to our volunteer firemen for responding so quickly and being so helpful at the scene. The State Trooper was also great to work with figuring things out. We are very lucky to have such people in our community!

Watch for buses: It can’t be said enough: please watch for our school buses. As the recent accident proved yesterday, school buses are not able to stop on a dime. The winter road conditions compound the stopping time and handling of any vehicle let alone a 78 passenger school bus. Please don’t try to get ahead of the bus at the last minute. Please don’t try to pass the bus. Please pay attention to the amber lights and red lights. Please observe the school bus traffic laws. If you are behind it, just travel at the safe pace the bus is traveling so everyone can arrive at their destination safely. If you are already late then you sure don’t have time for an accident or the consequences of the accident.

Boys and Girls Club Basketball: The Boys and Girls Club of Lake County will be having a basketball league for all boys grades 3-6. Registration closes 1/4/22. Go to to register or volunteer.

School Board Meeting Change: Due to the elementary concert on Dec. 21, the regular monthly school board meeting for December has been moved to Wednesday, Dec. 22 at 6 PM in the library.

JH Girls Basketball: Practice starts for Junior High Girls Basketball on Jan. 3. Make sure physicals and concussion forms are turned in if you did not play volleyball.

Gym Lobby and Weightroom Closed Dec. 27-28: We will be working on the lobby floors over the Christmas break so there will be no access to the gym lobby or weightroom Dec. 27 nor Dec. 28.

Weather Events: It’s time to make sure students have proper clothes and parents stay tuned to the radio, email, or school facebook page in the event that school is delayed or cancelled. We will do our best to make decisions the day before a cancellation. Sometimes the decision is made before bus routes leave which is 6:45 AM. 750 KERR radio will be notified and email will be sent out in the event of cancellations.


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